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Shri Kishor Agrawal, aged 50 years, Chairman and co-architect of Atlas Group, he has toiled from the scratch to embed the name in the industrial history. His immense knowledge and experience about the practical applications of technology has helped in the expansion of the group.

He has over 3 decades of experience in Rice Industry. A commerce graduate, His proficiency in the financial as well as the technical field has made him transform a small company to a leading group in India. And is involved in a number of social organizations.

He is the one who gets everything and anything done from the stage of planning till its execution. With vast amount of experience in raw material procurement and project execution, he has helped the group stay intact through the thick and thin. Possessing an innovative bent he works towards getting all the policies as well as the ideas into their implementation. From the stage of policy making till the final product he has always aimed at delivering the best.

His experience in running an industry as a whole and his administrative qualities have enabled him to bring a bounty of profits for the group. He stands as a pillar that supports the whole organization through its strength and deep rooted knowledge.

Mr. PRAVESH Agrawal is the founder of ATLAS ENTERPRISES. As an owner, he is responsible for developing business alliances and ensuring timely and qualitative delivery to the clients. He is an expert in making new deals and understanding the need of the client which helps the company to fulfill the requirements of the clients.

He is well known and respected in the professional community and has been responsible for successful completion of numerous purchase orders of some of the most prestigious clients like AC STEELS P. LTD. Raipur, Raigarh Ispat & Power P. LTD. raigarh, Bagadiya Brother Pvt. Ltd. Raipur, Hira steels Ltd. Raipur and many more.

Mr. PRAVESH Agrawal has an influential personality with an analytical approach towards business. It helps him in taking quick decision and close a deal in a win-win situation for both the parties. He also has been gifted with leadership qualities and has always acted as a complete leader and has taken company to new heights within short span of time.

His technical competence and passion for success in whatever he does have brought the group to another level. Aged 24 years, he is a commerce graduate and founder of Atlas Group. His store of knowledge has helped turn all the endeavors of the group into a win. He has been an ‘on the toes’ man for the Atlas Group. His knowledge and expertise in getting things implemented has benefitted the organization immensely. He has been a key element in the growth of the group. Presently he is the Managing Director of Atlas Group. He helps convert all the ideas and policies into execution with adroitness that has helped the group to reach a new high in secondary steel market. He is a well known figure as a marketing person in the steel industry.

He  has been an active member of the group all through. he has been handling the operations and management of steel and cement division of the Group. He is unbeatable when it comes to getting the policies and the plans executed. His innovative ways and technocrat capabilities have helped the group to achieve new avenues in green energy sector.

A second generation entrepreneur has introduced a ray of freshness and a young spirit in the Group. His brilliance has added a different dimension in the group, newer ideas leading to newer heights never accomplished before.

With his young and innovative bent he has been working hard towards making the group conform to its goals and fulfilling them in a new light.

He believes that entrepreneurship is his passion. Motivated by business and technology, he takes everyday as a new challenge as directs all his efforts towards winning it! His conviction and knowledge of the field has proved to be an asset for the Group.
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